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Chamber and instrumental

Abe, Keiko

Tambourin paraphrase

Adams, H Leslie

L'Extase d'Amour

Adams, John

Fellow traveler

Halleluiah junction

Road movies

Shaker loops (septet version)

Adès, Thomas


Darknesse Visible

The Four Quarters

Three mazurkas, Op 27

Albeniz, Isaac

Chants d'Espagne, Op 232

España, Op 165

Iberia (complete)

Mallorca, Op 202

Suite española

Albero y Añaños, Sebastián Ramón de

Obras, para clavicordio, o piano forte

Albinoni, Tomaso (attrib.)

Adagio in G minor

Alwyn, William

Concerto for flute and eight wind instruments


Andriessen, Louis

Overture to Orpheus

Vergeet mij niet


16th-century Scottish viol music

Trotto (14th-c Italian dance tune)

Arensky, Anton

String Quartet in A minor

Piano Trios 1 & 2

Arnold, Sir Malcolm

Brass Quintet no 1

Clarinet Sonatina

Divertimento, flute, oboe and clarinet

Five Pieces, violin and piano

Piano Trio

Oboe Quartet

Three Shanties

Arrieu, Claude

Wind Quintet

Bacewicz, Grażyna

Polish Caprice

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel

Solo in G minor, oboe and continuo, Wq 135

Flute Sonatas:

D, Wq 129/131
G, Wq 123

Bach, Johann Sebastian

Arioso, arr cello & piano from Cantata 165

The art of fugue

Brandenburg Concertos 1-6

Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue

'Dem wir das Heilig iszt', arr. for brass from Cantata 129

English Suite No 6

French Suite No 5

Goldberg variations

Italian concerto

Lute music:
Suite, E minor, BWV 996
Partita, C minor, BWV 997
Prelude, C minor, BWV 999
Fugue, G minor, BWV 1000

Musical offering

Notebook for Anna Magdalena

organ chorales:
'Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ', BWV 639
'In Dulci Jubilo', BWV 729
'Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g'mein', BWV 734
'Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme', BWV 645
Fantasia super Valet will ich dir geben, BWV 735

Passacaglia in C minor, BWV 582


No 2, C min
No 4, D

solo flute, A min

solo violin, 1-3
also transcriptions of the Chaconne from No 2 by Brahms, Busoni and Mendelssohn

Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E flat, BWV 998

flute and continuo: BWV 1033 (attrib), BWV 1034, BWV 1035
flute and harpsichord: BWV 1020 (attrib), BWV 1030, BWV 1031 (attrib), BWV 1032
solo violin: 1 & 2
two flutes and continuo, G, BWV 1039
viola da gamba: BWV1027, BWV 1029
violin and continuo: G, BWV 1021
violin and harpsichord: BWV 1014, BWV 1016, BWV 1017, BWV 1019

Suites: solo cello 2, 3 & 5

Trio Sonata (organ) in C min, BWV 526

Toccatas, BWV 910-916

The well-tempered clavier (also B minor Prelude and Fugue from Bk 1 transc. for string quartet by Beethoven, Hess 35)

Barber, Samuel

Cello Sonata


Summer music

String Quartet

Barrios, Agustín

La catedrál

Una limosna por el amor de Dios

Bartók, Belá

2 Romanian Dances, Op 8a

3 Hungarian folksongs from the Csik district

3 Rondos on folktunes

8 Improvisations on Hungarian peasant songs

15 Hungarian peasant songs

44 Duos for violins


Out of doors

Piano Quintet

Piano Sonata

Rhapsodies, violin and piano

Romanian folk dances

String Quartets 1-6

Sonata, solo violin

Suite, Op 14

Violin Sonatas 1 & 2

Bartók, arr Paul Arma

Suite paysanne hongrois

Bassi, Luigi

Concert fantasy on motifs from Verdi's 'Rigoletto'

Bax, Sir Arnold

Elegiac trio

Folk Tale, cello & piano

Oboe Quintet

Trio, piano, violin and viola/clarinet (Trio in 1 mvt)

Viola Sonata

Bazzini, Antonio

La ronde des lutins

Beamish, Sally

Opus California (String Quartet No 2)

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Allegretto in B flat, WoO39 (piano trio)

Bagatelles: Op 33, Op 126

Cello Sonatas:
F, Op 5 no 1
G minor, Op 5 no 2
A, Op 69
C, Op 102 no 1
D, Op 102 no 2

Clarinet Trio, op 11

Fantasia in G minor, Op 77

Five pieces for mechanical clock, WoO33

Fugue, string quintet, Op 137

Horn Sonata

Octet, Op 103

Piano Sonatas:
Op 2 Nos 1-3
Op 7
Op 10 Nos 1-3
Op 14 Nos 1 & 2
Op 13, 'Pathétique'
Op 26
Op 27 Nos 1 & 2
Op 28
Op 31 Nos 1-3
Op 49 Nos 1 & 2
Op 53, 'Waldstein'
Op 54
Op 57, 'Appassionata'
Op 78
Op 79
Op 81a, 'Les adieux'
Op 90
Op 101
Op 106
Op 109
Op 110
Op 111

Piano Trios:
Op 1, 1-3
Op 70, 1 & 2
Op 97 'Archduke'

Quintet, piano & wind, Op 16


string trio, Op 8
flute, violin and viola, Op 25

Sextet, Op 71

String Quartets:
Op 18, nos 1-6
Op 59, nos 1-3
Op 74
Op 95
Op 127
Op 130
Op 131
Op 132
Op 135
Grosse Fuge
Hess 34 (after Piano Sonata Op 14 no 1)

String Quintet, Op 29

String Quintet, Op 104 (after Piano Trio Op 1 no 3)

String Trios:
Op 3
Op 9 nos 1-3

14 Variations, piano trio, Op 44
32 Variations in C minor, WoO 80
'Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen', WoO 46
Diabelli Variations
'Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen', Op 66
'La ci darem la mano', WoO 28
'La Stessa, la Stessissima', WoO 73
'Rule Britannia', WoO 79
'See the conqu'ring hero comes', WoO 45
'Se vuol ballare', WoO 40

Violin Sonatas:
Op 12, 1-3
Op 23
Op 24 'Spring'
Op 30, 1-3
Op 47 'Kreutzer'
Op 96

attrib. Beethoven

3 Duos, clarinet & bassoon, WoO 27

Bellinati, Paulo


Benjamin, Arthur

Two Jamaican Pieces, two pianos

Benjamin, George

Three Miniatures, solo violin

Bennett, Sir Richard Rodney

Sonata after Syrinx

Berg, Alban

Lyric suite

Piano Sonata

String Quartet, Op 3

Berio, Luciano

Duets for two violins

Sequenza 5, trombone

Opus number zoo

Berkeley, Sir Lennox

Horn Trio

String Trio

Berkeley, Michael


Second still life

Bernstein, Leonard

Clarinet Sonata

Piano Trio

Biber, Heinrich

Fidicinium sacro-profanum

Mensa Sonora

Passacaglia, solo violin

Bingham, Judith

The Orchid and its Hunters

Bissil, Richard

Lone Call and Charge

Bliss, Sir Arthur

Clarinet Quintet


Piano Quartet

Oboe Quintet

Bloch, Ernest


String Quartet No 1

Suite, viola and piano (1919)

Suite Hébraique

Thee Nocturnes, piano trio

Boccherini, Luigi

Guitar Quintet, D, G 448, 'Fandango'

Sextet, E flat, G 464

String Quartets:
C, Op 2 no 6, G164
Six Quartettini, Op 33
D, Op 64 no 2, G249

String Quintets:
E, Op 11 no 5
C, Op 28 no 4, G310

String Trio in G, Op 34 No 2, G102

Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de

Bassoon Sonata in A minor Op 26 no 2

Trio Sonata in A minor, Op 37 no 5

Bonnet, Joseph

Variations de Concert

Borodin, Alexander

String Quartets nos 1 & 2

Bottesini, Giovanni

Gran duo concertante, violin and double bass

Reverie, double bass and piano

Tarantella, double bass and piano

Boudounis, Evangelos

Tsifteteli for Elena

Boulanger, Lili


D'un Matin de Printemps

D'un Soir Triste


Boulez, Pierre


Sonatine, flute and piano

Bourgeois, Derek

Sonata, brass quintet

Bowen, York

Fantasy, viola & piano, Op 54

Flute Sonata

Oboe Sonata

Viola Sonatas 1 & 2

Bozza, Eugène


Ballade, tenor trombone and piano

Fantaisie Pastorale, oboe & piano

Trois pièces pour une musique de nuit

Brahms, Johannes

Ballades, Op 10

Cello Sonatas 1 & 2

Clarinet Quintet

Clarinet Sonatas 1 & 2

Clarinet Trio

Fantasies, op 116

Horn Trio

Hungarian dances

Intermezzi, Op 117 & 118

Klavierstücke, Op 119

Piano Pieces, Op 76

Piano Quartets 1-3

Piano Quintet

Piano Sonatas:
C, Op 1
F sharp minor, Op 2
F minor, Op 5

Piano Trios:
B, Op 8
C, Op 87
C minor, Op 101

Rhapsodies, Op 79

Scherzo ('FAE' Sonata)

String Quartets:
Op 51, 1 & 2
Op 67

String Quintets 1 & 2

String Sextets 1 & 2

Variations and fugue on a theme by Handel, Op 24

Variations on the St Antoni chorale

Variations on a theme by Paganini

Violin Sonatas: Op 78, Op 100, Op 108

Waltzes, Op 39

Brandt, Vasily

Country Pictures, brass quartet

Bridge, Frank

Cello Sonata

Etude rhapsodique

Londonderry air


Miniatures, piano trio

Noveletten, string quartet


Phantasy, piano quartet

Phantasy, piano trio

Piano Quintet

Piano Sonata

Spring song

String Sextet

Scherzo, cello & piano

Three Idylls, string quartet

Two entr'actes

Two old English songs

Britten, Benjamin

Cello Sonata

Fanfare for St Edmundsbury

Holiday diary


Night piece

Moderato and Nocturne, from Sonatina Romantica

Phantasy quartet, oboe & strings



Six metamorphoses, solo oboe

Suite for harp

Suites for solo cello, nos 1 & 3

Suite for violin and piano

String Quartets nos 1-3

Temporal variations

Three divertimenti

Brouwer, Leo

Hika: In memoriam Toru Takemitsu

Bruch, Max

Kol nidrei

Eight trio pieces for clarinet, viola and piano, Op 83

Bull, John

The King's hunt

Burgmüller, Norbert

Duo, clarinet or violin and piano

Butler, Martin

Down hollow winds

Buxtehude, Diderik

Sonata for violin and viola da gamba, B flat, Op 1 no 4

Byrd, William

Christe redemptor

Cage, John


Six melodies for violin and keyboard

Carter, Elliott

Oboe Quartet

Casals, Pablo

Song of the birds

Casella, Alfredo

Sicilienne et burlesque

Cassadó, Gaspar


Castello, Dario

Sonate concertate

Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario

Sonatina, flute & guitar

Chausson, Ernest

Concert in D, violin, piano, string quartet

Pièce, cello and piano, Op 39


Piano Quartet

Piano Trio

Cherubini, Luigi

String Quartet 3

Chopin, Fryderyck

Andante spianato and grande polonaise

Ballades 1, 3, 4



Cello Sonata


Fantasy in F minor, Op 49

Impromptus: Opp 29, 36, 51, 66

Introduction and polonaise brillante, Op 3

Mazurkas: Opp 7, 24, 59, 68

Nocturnes: Opp 9, 15, 27, 37, 48, 55, 62, Op 72 No 1

Piano Sonatas nos 2 & 3

Piano Trio

F sharp minor, Op 44
A flat, Op 53
Polonaise-fantasy, Op 61

Preludes, Op 28

Prelude, C sharp minor, Op 45

Rondo, Op 1

Scherzos 1, 2, and 4

Variations on a theme of Moore (piano duet)

Waltzes: Op 34 No 2; Op 64 No 2

Clarke, Ian

Zoom tube

Clarke, Rebecca

Midsummer Moon


Untitled piece, viola and piano

Piano Trio

Viola Sonata

Clementi, Muzio

Piano Sonata in B minor Op 40 no 2

Cockroft, Barry

Ku Ku

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel

Clarinet Quintet

Nonet, Op 2

Copland, Aaron

Piano Quartet


Two Pieces, string quartet

Violin Sonata


Corea, Chick

Children's Songs

Couperin, Louis

Passacaille, C

Couperin, François

Les goûts-réünis

Crespo, Enrique

Improvisation No 1, solo trombone

Crumb, George

Sonata, solo cello

Crusell, Bernhard

Rondo, 2 clarinets, piano

Dallapiccola, Luigi

Piccola musica notturna

Czerny, Carl

String Quartet in D minor

Damase, Jean-Michel

Quintet, harp, flute and strings

Sonata for cello and harp

Danzi, Franz

Trio in D, Op 71 no 3

Davies, Sir Peter Maxwell

Quartet movement (1952)

Sea eagle, solo horn

Debussy, Claude


Cello Sonata

Children's corner

Deux arabesques



Hommage à Haydn


L'isle joyeuse

Petite pièce, clarinet & piano

Petite suite

Piano Trio, G min

Preludes, Books 1 & 2

Première rapsodie, clarinet


Six epigraphes antiques

Sonata for flute, viola & harp

String Quartet

Suite Bergamasque


Violin Sonata

Decruck, Fernande

Saxophone Sonata in C sharp

Delius, Frederick

Cello Sonata

Romance, cello & piano

String Quartet

Violin Sonata in B (1892)

Demersseman, Jules

Fantaisie sur un Thème Original

Introduction and Variations on 'The Carnival of Venice'

Denisov, Edison

Sonata, solo clarinet

Devienne, François

Bassoon Quartet, Op 73 no 1

Dodgson, Stephen

Cor Anglais Sonata

Dohnányi, Ernö

Cello Sonata, Op 8

Piano Quintet, Op 1

Serenade, Op 10

Sextet, Op 37

Violin Sonata, Op 21

Domeniconi, Carlo


Variations on an Anatolian Folk Song

Donizetti, Gaetano

Sonata, flute and harp

Doppler, Franz

Fantasie Pastorale Hongroise, Op 26

Drigo, Riccardo

Serenade from Arlekinada, flute and piano

Dring, Madeleine

Italian dance, oboe and piano

Waltz, oboe and piano

Dubois, Pierre Max

Le lièvre et la tortue

Dubois, Théodore

Toccata (organ)

Dukas, Paul


Duncan, Andrew

Quintet for brass

Dupré, Marcel


Dussek, Jan Ladislav

Notturno Concertante, Op 68

2 Sonatas, harp, violin & cello, Op 34

Dutilleux, Henri

Ainsi la nuit

Sarabande et Cortège, bassoon and piano

Sonatine, flute and piano

Three Preludes

Dvorák, Antonín

Bagatelles, Op 47


Four romantic pieces, Op 75

Piano Quartets 1 & 2

Piano Quintet

Piano Trios:
G minor, Op 26
F minor, Op 65
E minor, Op 90 ('Dumky')

Romance, Op 11

Silent woods

Slavonic dances, Opp 46 & 72

Sonatina, violin and piano, Op 100

String Quartets:
E flat, Op 51
C, Op 61
F, Op 96, 'American'
A flat, Op 105
G, Op 106

String Quintets:
G, Op 77
E flat, Op 97

String Sextet


Eccles, Henry

Violin Sonata, G minor (also viola, double bass)

Elgar, Sir Edward

Andante and Allegro, oboe & string trio

La capricieuse

Piano Quintet

Salut d'amour

String Quartet

Violin Sonata

Enescu, George

Impressions d’Enfance

Nocturne and saltarello

Piano Quartet 1

Piano Trio, A min

Suite 2, piano

Violin Sonata 3

Ernst, Heinrich Wilhelm

Grand Caprice pour violon seul sur Le Roi des Aulnes de F Schubert, Op 26

Ewald, Victor

Brass Quintets 1 & 3

Falla, Manuel de

Harpsichord Concerto

Suite populaire espagnole, violin & piano

Farr, Gareth

Wakatipu, solo vln

Farnaby, Giles

keyboard music

Fauré, Gabriel

Andante, violin & piano

Cello Sonata 1



Impromptu (harp)

Nocturnes 1-13

Piano Quartets 1 & 2

Piano Quintet 1

Piano Trio


String Quartet

Theme and Variations (piano)

Une Châtelaine en sa Tour...

Valse-caprice 1

Violin Sonata no 1

Fennessy, David


Ferguson, Howard

Four short pieces, clarinet or viola and piano


Field, John


Piano Sonatas, Op 1

Finzi, Gerald

Elegy, violin & piano

Five bagatelles, clarinet & piano

Interlude, oboe & strings

Prelude and Fugue, string trio

Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand

Chaconne, solo harpsichord

Fitkin, Graham



Fontana, Giovanni Battista

Sonata Seconda

Françaix, Jean

A huit

Divertisement, bassoon & strings

Wind Quartet

Wind Quintet 2

Frances-Hoad, Cheryl

The Ogre Lover

Franceschini, Petronio

Sonata in D, 2 trumpets & strings

Franck, César

Chorale No 2, B minor

Piano Quintet

Prelude, chorale and fugue

Violin Sonata

Francoeur, François

Cello Sonata in E

Frühling, Carl

Clarinet Trio

Gabrieli, Giovanni


Gade, Niels

Piano Trio in F, Op 42

Gaubert, Philippe

Fantaisie, clarinet and piano

Gershwin, George

George Gershwin's songbook


Porgy and Bess: songs arr. Heifetz, violin and piano


Three Preludes

Gibbons, Orlando

viol music

Ginastera, Alberto

3 danzas argentinas

Duo, flute and oboe

Pampeana No 1, violin and piano

Piano Sonata 1

Sonata for Guitar

Glass, Philip

String Quartets 2, 5

Glazunov, Alexander

Elegy, viola and piano, Op 44

Five novelettes, string quartet, Op 15


Reverie orientale, clarinet and string quartet

String Quintet, A, Op 39

Glinka, Mikhail

Nocturne in E flat, harp or piano

Gnattali, Radamés

Sonata for cello and guitar

Goldschmidt, Berthold

String Quartet No 4

Grainger, Percy

In Dahomey (Cakewalk Smasher)

Granados, Enrique

Allegro de concierto


Spanish dances

Valses poéticos

Grandjany, Marcel

Children's hour suite

Twelve etudes for harp (after JS Bach)

Grieg, Edvard

Andante con moto, piano trio

Cello Sonata

Holberg suite

Lyric Pieces

Norwegian dances

Slåtter, Op 72

String Quartet

Two lyric pieces, Op 68

Violin Sonatas nos 2 & 3

Grime, Helen

Ten miniatures

Gubaidulina, Sofia

Garden of Joys and Sorrows

Guilmant, Alexandre

Morceau Symphonique, trombone and piano

Guridi, Jésus

Viejo zortzico

Haas, Pavel

Suite for oboe & piano, op 17

Hahn, Reynaldo

Piano Quartet

Violin Sonata

Halvorsen, Johan

Passacaglia, violin and viola (after Handel)

Handel, George Frederick

Harpsichord Suite No 5

Sonatas, Op 1

Trio Sonatas, Op 2

Handel, George Frederick (attrib)

Trio Sonata in D minor, HWV 381

Harty, Sir Hamilton

In Ireland

Harvey, Jonathan

Death of light, light of death

Hasselmans, Alphonse


Harvey, Paul

Three études on themes of Gershwin (clarinet solo)

Haydn, Joseph

Andante con Variazioni, F minor

Divertimento in C, Hob XIV:3

Fantasie in C major, Hob. XVII/4

Piano Sonatas:
31, A flat, HXVI:46
33, C minor, HXVI:20
38, F, HXVI:23
39, D, HXVI:24
46, E, HXVI:31
58, C, HXVI:48
60, C, HXVI:50
62, E flat, HXVI:52

Piano Trios:
8 (21) in B flat
9 (22) in A
10 (23) in E flat
11 (24) in E flat
12 (25) in E minor
14 (27) in A Flat
21 (35) in C
22 (36) in E flat
23 (37) in D minor
25 (39) in G, 'Gypsy rondo'
26 (40) in F sharp minor
27 (43) in C
28 (44) in E
29 (45) in E flat

The Seven Last Words of our Redeemer on the Cross

String Quartets:
Op 1 nos 2 & 4
Op 2 no 4
Op 9 nos 1-6
Op 17 nos 1-6
Op 20 nos 1-6
Op 33 nos 1-6
Op 42
Op 50 nos 1-6
Op 54 nos 1-3
Op 55 nos 1-3
Op 64 nos 1-6
Op 71 nos 1-3
Op 74 nos 1-3
Op 76 nos 1-6
Op 77 nos 1 & 2
Op 103

String Trios

Hazell, Chris

Four Brass Cats

Heath, Dave

Gentle Dreams

Out of the Cool

Henry VIII, arr Elgar Howarth

A rose without a thorn

Hindemith, Paul

Kleine Kammermusik

solo cello, Op 25 No 3
viola and piano, Op 11 No 4

Hindson, Matthew

String Quartet No 2

Holliger, Heinz


Holloway, Robin

Ballade, piano

Holst, Gustav

Quintet, A minor, piano and wind

Three Pieces, oboe and string quartet

Wind Quintet

Holst, Imogen

Suite, unaccompanied viola

Honegger, Arthur

Cello Sonata

Sonatina, violin & cello

Hotteterre, Jacques

Pieces for transverse flute, Book 1, Op 2

Hough, Stephen

Piano Sonata 2, 'notturno luminoso'

Howells, Herbert

Clarinet Sonata

Howells' Clavichord

Master Tallis's Testament

Phantasy string quartet

Piano Quartet

Rhapsodic quintet, clarinet and strings

Hüe, Georges

Fantaisie, flute & piano

Hummel, Johann

Introduction, theme and variations, Op 102


Piano Quintet, Op 87

Piano Trio, Op 93

Hurlstone, William

Four characteristic pieces, clarinet and piano

Hyholm Debess, Edvard

Báðumegin við

Ibert, Jacques

Cinq pieces en trio

Entr'acte, flute and harp

Trio, violin, cello and harp

Trois pièces brèves (wind quintet)

Ireland, John

Phantasie Trio

Piano Trio 2

String Quartet 1

Iturralde, Pedro

Pequeña czarda

Ives, Charles

Decoration Day (version for violin and piano)

Holding Your Own

Piano Trio

Jackson, Francis

Impromptu, Op 5

Jacob, Gordon

Sonatina, oboe and harpsichord

Janácek, Leos


In the mists


On an overgrown path


String Quartets 1 & 2

Violin Sonata

Jenkins, John

Fantasy no 16

Keal, Minna

Ballade, viola and piano

Khachaturian, Aram

Trio, clarinet, violin & piano

Kirchner, Theodore

Bunte Blätte

Kitka, Valery

Sonata for cello and harp

Klein, Gideon

String Trio

Kleinknecht, Jakob Friedrich

6 Sonate da camera (Op 1)

Knussen, Oliver

Cantata, oboe & string trio

Elegiac arabesques

Sonya's lullaby

Kodály, Zoltan

Adagio, violin and piano

Duo, violin and cello

Serenade, 2 violins and viola

String Quartet no 2

Sonata, solo cello

Koolmees, Hans


Korngold, Erich Wolfgang

Piano Quintet in E, op 15

String Quartets 2 and 3

String Sextet in D, op 10

Kovács, Belá

Sholem-Alekhem, Rov Feidman!

Kreisler, Fritz

Caprice Viennoise



Midnight Bells (transcr of Heuberger 'Geh’n wir in’s Chambre séparée')

Preghiera ('in the style of Martini')

Preghiera (after Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2)

Praeludium and Allegro ('in the style of Pugnani')

Schön Rosmarin

Krommer, Franz

Partita, wind, F, Op 57

Kuhnau, Johann

Biblical Sonata No 4

Kurtág, György

Hommage à R. Sch., Op 15d

6 moments musicaux, Op 44

Kvandal, Johan

Elegy and capriccio, solo viola

Lalo Edouard

Piano Trio 3

Lauro, Antonio

Three Venezuelan dances

Leclair, Jean-Marie

Premier livre de Sonates

LeFanu, Nicola

String Quartet 2

Leighton, Kenneth

Elegy, cello & piano

Fantasy on an American Hymn Tune

Lekeu, Guillaume

Piano Quartet in B minor

Lennon, John and McCartney, Paul

song arrangements

Liebermann, Lowell

Flute Sonata

Ligeti, György


Horn Trio

Six Bagatelles, wind quintet

Sonata, solo cello

String Quartet no 1 (Metamorphoses nocturnes)

Lilburn, Douglas

Violin Sonata (1950)

Linde, Hans-Martin

Music for a bird

Liszt, Ferenc

Années de pélérinage, bks 1 & 2

Ballade no 2

Concert paraphrase on Rigoletto

Concerto pathétique


Etudes d’Exécution Transcendante: No 4, 'Mazeppa'; No 11, 'Harmonies du Soir'

Fantasy and Fugue, 'Ad nos, ad salutarem undam'

Harmonies poétiques et religieuses

Hungarian Rhapsody no 2

La lugubre gondola


Piano Sonata, B minor

Prelude and fugue on BACH

Réminiscences de Norma

Rhapsodie espagnole

Venezia e Napoli

Beethoven Symphonies 1-9
Wagner: Isoldes Liebestod

Lloyd Webber, William

Air and variations, clarinet and piano

Loeffler, Charles Martin

Two rhapsodies, oboe, viola and piano

Lovreglio, Donato

Fantasia on themes from 'La Traviata', clarinet and piano

Lucía, Paco de

Cepa andaluza

Lutoslawski, Witold




Lutyens, Elizabeth

Five little pieces, clarinet and piano

MacMillan, James

Cello Sonata no 2

Fourteen little pictures

From Galloway

in angustiis...2


Kiss on wood




Maconchy, Elizabeth

String Quartet 1

Mahler, Gustav

Piano Quartet Movement

Marais, Marin

Old French dances (arr. viola & piano)

Martin, Frank

Ballade, flute and piano

Ballade, trombone and piano

Trio on Irish folk tunes

Martinu, Bohuslav

Clarinet Sonatina

Cello Sonata 3

Fantasia, theremin, oboe, piano and string quartet

Flute Sonata

La revue de cuisine

Oboe Quartet

Piano Trio 1 (Cinq Pièces Brèves)

Piano Trio 2, D minor

String Sextet

String Quartet 4

Three madrigals, violin and viola

Trio in F, flute, cello and piano

Variations on a Slovak theme

Viola Sonata

Mathias, William

Toccata giocosa

Zodiac trio

Matthews, David

String Quartet no 6

The flaying of Marsyas

Mayer, John

Raga music, solo clarinet

McDowall, Cecilia

Cavatina at Midnight

Century Dances

Colour is the Keyboard

The Night Trumpeter

Mendelssohn, Fanny

Piano Trio

Mendelssohn, Felix

Andante cantabile and Presto agitato in B major and minor, piano

Cello Sonatas 1 & 2

Concert Pieces, clarinet and basset-horn, Opp 113, 114

Fantasy in F sharp minor, Op 28, piano


Organ Sonata 1

Piano Trios 1 & 2

Rondo capriccioso, Op 14

Sextet, Op 110

Songs without words

String Quartets:
E flat (1823)
Op 12
Op 13
Op 44 nos 1 & 2
Op 80
Four pieces, Op 81

String Quintets:
Op 18
Op 87

Variations concertantes, Op 17, cello and piano

Variations sérieuses

Viola Sonata

Messiaen, Olivier

La Nativité du Seigneur

Le merle noir

Quatuor pour la fin du temps

Theme and variations

Meyer, Jessica

Excessive Use of Force, solo viola

Mico, Richard

Pavan no 2

Milhaud, Darius

La cheminée du roi René


Sonatina, flute and piano, Op 76

Suite for violin, clarinet and piano, Op 157b

Mišek, Adolf

music for double bass and piano

Moeran, EJ

Fantasy Quartet, oboe & strings

String Quartet No 2, E flat

String Trio

Monti, Vittorio


Morreno Torroba, Frederico

Sonatina, guitar (1924)

Moszkowsky, Moritz

Caprice espagnole, Op 37

Mower, Mike

Jazz Suite, wind quintet

Mozart, Wolfgang

Adagio, B minor, K540

Adagio, cor anglais and string trio K580a

Adagio and allegro, F minor, K594

Adagio and Fugue, C minor

Andante in F, K616

Clarinet Quintet

Divertimenti, K136-8

Divertimenti, 3 basset-horns, K.Anh.229

Duos, violin and viola, K423 & 424

Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Epistle Sonatas

Fantasia, C minor, K396, edited and completed by Maximilian Stadler

Fantasia, C minor, K475

Fantasia, D minor, K397

Fantasy for a mechanical organ, K608

Flute Quartets: K285, K 285a, K285b, K298

Horn Quintet

Oboe Quartet

Piano Quartets, E flat & G minor

Piano Sonatas: K 282, K309, K310, K311, K330, K331, K333, K448 (2 pianos), K457, K521 (piano duet), K533/494, K545, K570, K576

Piano Trios: K254, K496, K502, K542, K548, K564

Prelude and Fugue in C, K394

Quintet, piano and wind, K452

Rondo in A minor, K511

Serenades: K361, K375, K388

Sonata movement in B flat, K400 ('Sophie and Constanze')

Sonatas for keyboard and violin or flute, K10-15

String Quartets: K80, K157, K160, K169, K387, K421, K458, K464, K465, K499, K575, K589, K590

String Quintets: all

String Trio (Divertimento), K563

Trio, clarinet, viola & piano

'Ah vous dirai-je, maman', K265
'Hélas! j'ai perdu mon amant', K360
on a Minuet by Duport, K573
on 'Unser dummer Pöbel meint', K455

Violin Sonatas: K7, K9, K29, K296, K302-6, K376-80 (+ contemporary arrangement of K380 for clt/str trio), K403, K454, K481, K526

Mozart, arr Josef Triebensee

Don Giovanni - overture and arias

La clemenza di Tito - overture and arias

Muczynski, Robert

Fantasy Trio

Time pieces, clarinet & piano

Sonata, alto saxophone & piano

Muffat, Georg

Armonico tributo

Mulet, Henri


Musgrave, Thea

Dawn, solo oboe

D.E.S. - In Celebration, solo cello


Impromptu, flute & oboe

Impromptu No 2, flute, oboe & clarinet

In the Still of the Night, solo viola


Night Windows


Prelude, from Variations for Judith


Ring Out Wild Bells

The Egrets have Landed, violin and piano


Musorgsky, Modest

Pictures at an exhibition

Myaskovsky, Nikolay

Cello Sonata No 1

Nielsen, Carl

Fantasy Pieces, oboe and piano

Five Piano Pieces, Op 3/FS10

Serenata in vano

Wind Quintet

Nin, Joaquín

Suite Espagnole

Nørgård, Per


Nyzhnyk, Artem


Onslow, Georges

String Quintet in E minor, Op 39

Oortmerssen, Jacques van

Nun ruhen alle Wälder

Osborne, Nigel

Adagio for Vedran Smailović

Balkan dances and laments


Olah, Tiberiu

Sonata, solo clarinet

Pachelbel, Johann

Canon and Gigue

Paganini, Nicolo

Caprices, solo violin

Sonata Concertata, violin & guitar

Trio, guitar, violin & cello

Pärt, Arvo


Spiegel im Spiegel


Partos, Oedoen


Pasculi, Antonio

Grand concertante on a theme from Rossini's William Tell

Omaggio a Bellini

Patterson, Paul

String Quartet, Op 58

Westerly winds

Peate, Robert

Three Diversions, flute, viola, harp

Penderecki, Krzysztof

Cadenza, solo viola

Perkinson, Coleridge-Taylor


Persichetti, Vincent

Serenade no 10, flute & harp

Piazzolla, Astor

Adiós Nonino

Five tango sensations

Four, for tango

Histoire du tango

Le Grand Tango


Pierné, Gabriel

Impromptu-caprice, Op 9, harp

Pisendel, Johann Georg

Sonata, C minor, violin and continuo (formerly attrib JS Bach, BWV 1024)

Sonata, A minor, solo violin

Planel, Robert

Prélude et Saltarelle

Playford, John (publ)

The English Dancing Master

Pleyel, Ignace

String Quartet in C minor, B341

Plowman, Lynne

The Mermaids' Lagoon

Poldowski (Régine Wieniawski)


Ponce, Manuel

Sonata III

Ponchielli, Amilicare

Il Convegno

Popper, David

Scottish fantasy, Op 71

Suite for two cellos, Op 16

Poulenc, Francis

Elegie, horn and piano

Mouvements perpetuels


Clarinet and bassoon
Horn, trumpet and trombone
Piano, four hands
Two clarinets

Trio, oboe, bassoon, piano

Premru, Raymond

Divertimento, brass

Prokofiev, Sergey

4 Pieces, piano, Op 32

10 pieces, piano, Op 12

Cello Sonata

Cinq Mélodies, Op 35a

Flute Sonata/Violin Sonata no 2

Overture on Hebrew themes

Piano Sonatas: 2-4, 6-8

Sonata, C, 2 violins, Op 65

Sonata, solo violin

String Quartets 1 & 2

Violin Sonata 1

Toccata, Op 11

Visions fugitives

Puccini, Giacomo


Purcell, Henry

A choice collection of lessons (8 Suites, etc)

Chacony, G minor


Keyboard music from The second part of Musick's Handmaid

Ten Sonata's in Four Parts

Three parts upon a ground

Trumpet Sonata

Rakhmaninov, Sergey

Cello Sonata

Etudes-tableaux, Op 33 and 39

Moments musicaux, Op 16

Piano Sonata no 2

‘Preghiera’ (adapted Kreisler from Piano Concerto 2, 2nd mvt)

Preludes, Op 23

Trio élégiaque 1 & 2

Variations on a theme of Corelli

Vocalise, Op 34/14

Rameau, Jean-Philippe

Gavotte with six doubles

La Dauphine

Rautavaara Einojuhani

Serenades of the Unicorn

Ravel, Maurice

Gaspard de la nuit

Introduction and allegro

Jeux d'eau

Le tombeau de Couperin

Menuet antique

Menuet sur le nom de Haydn


Mother Goose

Pavane pour une infante défunte

Piano Trio

Pièce en forme de habanera

Sonatas: violin & cello

violin & piano (1897)

violin & piano (1927)


String Quartet


Valses nobles et sentimentales

Rawsthorne, Alan


Reger, Max

Serenade, Op 141a, flute, violin and viola

Reicha, Antonín

Wind Quintet in E flat, Op 88 no 2

Renié, Henriette

Trio, violin, cello and harp

Respighi, Ottorino

Adagio con variazioni, cello & piano

Richter, Franx Xaver

6 String Quartets, Op 5

Röntgen, Julius

String Trio No 10

Rossini, Gioacchino

Andante and theme with variations, violin & harp

Duetto, cello & double bass

String Sonatas nos 1 & 3

Rota, Nino

Piccola offerta musicale

Sarabanda e Toccata, harp

Sonata, flute & harp

Roussel, Albert

Impromptu, op 21, harp

Rózsa, Miklos

Variations on a Hungarian peasant song, Op 4

Rubbra, Edmund

Discourse, harp and cello

Improvisation, solo cello

Oboe Sonata

Rubinstein, Anton

Viola Sonata

Rutter, John

Suite antique

Saint-Saëns, Camille

Bassoon Sonata

Carnival of the animals

Cello Sonata 2

Clarinet Sonata

Fantaisie in E flat, organ

Fantasy, harp, Op 95

Fantasy, violin & harp, Op 124


Introduction and rondo capriccioso

Oboe Sonata

Piano Quartet, Op 41

Piano Quintet, Op 14

Piano Trios 1 & 2



Violin Sonata no 1

Salonen, Esa-Pekka

Horn Music I

Salzedo, Carlos

Chanson Dans la Nuit

Sarasate, Pablo de


Satie, Erik

6 Gnossiennes

3 Gymnopédies

Véritables préludes flasques (pour un chien)

Scarlatti, Domenico

Keyboard sonatas: K24, K58, K87, K122, K127, K141, K146, K177, K178, K208, K247, K283, K322, K380, K466, K483, K492, K515

Schmidt, Franz

String Quartet in A

Schnittke, Alfred

Cello Sonata

Piano Trio

Preludium in memoriam D Shostakovich

Revis Fairytale (arr Sidorova/Shishkin/Lips from the ballet Sketches)

Suite in the old style

Violin Sonata no 1

Schoenberg, Arnold

Ode to Napoleon

Six little pieces, Op 19

String Quartet no 2

Verklärte Nacht

Schubert, Franz

12 Deutsche Tänze, D790

Adagio and Rondo Concertante, piano quartet, D487

Allegro, A minor, D947

Allegretto, C minor, D915

Arpeggione Sonata

Divertissement sur des motifs originaux français, piano duet, D823

Fantasy, C, D934, violin and piano

Fantasy, C, D605a (Grazer-fantasie)

Fantasy, F minor, D940, piano duet

Grand Duo, C, D812, piano duet

Impromptus, D899 & D935

Ländler, D814

Marches militaires, D733

Moments musicaux, D780

Piano Quintet, 'Trout'

Piano Sonatas:
A minor, D537
B, D575
A, D664
A Minor, D784
C, D840, 'Reliquie'
G, D850
A minor, D845
G, D894
C minor, D958
A, D959
B flat, D960


Piano Trios, B flat, E flat

Rondo in A, D951, piano duet

Rondo in B minor, D895, violin and piano

Six Polonaises, piano duet, D824

Scherzo, B flat, D593 no 1

String Trios: D471, D581

String Quartets:
C, D32
E flat, D87
B flat, D112
G minor, D173
C minor (Quartettsatz), D703
A minor, D804
D minor, D810
(including Mahler transcription for string orchestra)
G, D887

String Quintet

A flat, piano duet, D813
E min, flute and piano, D802

Violin Sonatas:
D, D384
A minor, D385
G minor, D408
A, D574

'Wanderer' Fantasy

Schulhof, Ervin

Concertino, flute, viola & double bass

Divertissement, oboe, clarinet & bassoon

Five pieces, string quartet

String Quartet 1

Schumann, Clara

Piano Trio in G minor, Op 17

Three Romances, piano, Op 21

Three Romances, violin & piano, Op 22

Schumann, Robert

12 piano duet pieces for small and big children, Op 85

Abegg Variations

Adagio and allegro, horn & piano, Op 70


Blumenstück, Op 19


Faschingsschwank aus Wien

Fantasiestücke, piano trio, Op 88

Fantasy in C

Fünf Stücke in Volkston, Op 102




Märchenbilder, viola & piano, Op 113

Märchenerzählungen, clarinet, viola & piano, Op 132

Nachtstücke, Op 23


Phantasiestücke, piano, Op 12

Phantasiestücke, clarinet & piano, Op 73

Phantasiestücke, piano, Op 111


Piano Quartet

Piano Quintet

Piano Sonatas: 1 & 2

Piano Trios: 1 & 2

String Quartets, Op 41, 1-3

Studies for pedal piano, Op 56

Symphonic studies

Three Duos (transc. Ferguson from Op 56 & 58, clt & pno)

Three Romances, Op 28

Violin Sonatas 1-3

Scott, Cyril

Piano Trio 1

Servais, Adrien François
and Ghys, Joseph

Variations brillantes et concertantes sur l'air God Save the King, violin & cello

Shchedrin, Rodion

Three shepherds, fl, ob, clt

Shostakovich, Dmitri

Adagio from The limpid stream, cello & piano


Cello Sonata

Concertino, 2 pianos

Elegy and polka (string quartet)

Four waltzes (arr. Atovmyan, flute, clarinet & piano)

Piano Quintet

Piano Trios 1 & 2

Preludes, Op 34

String Quartets 1-15

Three fantastic dances

Twenty-four Preludes and Fugues, Op 87

Two pieces, string octet

Viola Sonata

Violin Sonata

Sibelius, Jean

Sonatina, violin and piano, Op 80

String Quartet, D min ('Voces intimae')

String Trio, G minor

Suite in A, string trio

Three Pieces, violin and piano, Op 116

Simpson, Mark

Barkham Fantasy

Echoes and Embers

Night Music

Sitt, Hans

Albumblätter, Op 39

Singelée, Jean-Baptiste

Caprice, Op 80, sop sax & piano

Skryabin, Alexander

Piano Sonatas 4 & 5

Two Poems, Op 32

Slavický, Klement

Trio for oboe clarinet and bassoon

Smetana, Bedrich

Piano Trio

String Quartets 1 & 2

Soler, Antonio

Keyboard sonatas: 84, 85, 87, 90

Sperger, Johannes

Double Bass Sonata, A min

Spohr, Louis

Fantaisie in C minor, Op 35, harp

Piano Trio 5

Nonet, Op 31

Sonata concertante, flute & harp, Op 114

Stanford, Sir Charles

Piano Quartet 1

Piano Trio 1

Stevens, Leigh Howard

Rhythmic caprice

Stevenson, Ronald

Peter Grimes Fantasy

Strauss, Franz


Strauss, Richard

Cello Sonata

Der Rosenkavalier: Concert Waltz (piano, arr. Otto Singer)

Piano Quartet

String Sextet from Capriccio

Serenade, Op 7

Violin Sonata, Op 18

Stravinsky, Igor



The firebird, three movements arr. Guido Agosti (piano)



Suite italienne (cello and violin versions)

The soldier's tale, suite


Three Movements from Petrushka

3 pieces, solo clarinet

3 pieces, string quartet

Suk, Josef

Elegy, piano trio

Meditation on an old Czech hymn, 'St Wenceslas'

Piano Trio

Susato, Tylman


Szymanowski, Karol


20 Mazurkas, Op 50


String Quartet 1

Violin Sonata

Tabakov, Emil

Motivy, solo double bass

Taffanel, Paul

Wind Quintet

Takemitsu, Toru

A bird came down the walk

And then I knew 'twas Wind

Rain tree sketch II

Tartini, Giuseppe

Violin Sonata, G minor, 'Devil's trill'

Violin Sonatas, Op 2

Tate, Phyllis

Sonata for clarinet and cello

Tavener, John

Chant, solo cello

Last sleep of the Virgin


Tchaikovsky, Pyotr

Dumka, Op 59

Pezzo capriccioso

Piano pieces, Opp 40, 51 & 72

Piano Trio

Souvenir de Florence

Souvenir d'un lieu cher

String Quartets 1-3


Telemann, Georg Philipp

Fantasies for solo flute

Twelve fantasies for violin without bass

Trio Sonata in F, treble recorder, viola da gamba & continuo

Trio Sonata in A minor for treble recorder, oboe and continuo, TWV 42:a6

Thomas, Janet Owen


Thuille, Ludwig

Piano Quintet, E flat, Op 20

Tippett, Sir Michael

Prelude: Autumn (arr Bowen)

String Quartets 1-4

Tomasi, Henri

Variations sur un thème corse

Tomkins, Thomas


Tournier, Marcel-Lucien

Etude de concert: Au matin


Images, Suite 4

Turina, Joaquin

Guitar Sonata

Piano Trios 1 & 2

Turnage, Mark-Anthony

On All Fours

Power Play

Two Elegies Framing a Shout

Ullmann, Victor

String Quartet no 3

Varèse, Edgard


Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Phantasy Quintet

Piano Quintet, C minor

Six Studies in English Folksong

String Quartets Nos 1 and 2

Veracini, Francesco Maria

Sonate accademiche, Op 2

Verdi, Giuseppe

String Quartet

Vieuxtemps, Henri

Viola Sonata

Villa-Lobos, Heitor

Assobio a jato

Chôros No 5, 'Alma brasileira'

Five Preludes, guitar

Vivaldi, Antonio

Chamber Concertos:
D, RV84
G minor, RV103

Oboe Sonata, C minor, RV53

Trio Sonata in A minor, RV86

Violin Sonatas, Op 2

Wagner, Richard

Tristan und Isolde: cor anglais solo, Act 3; Liebestod, transc. Liszt

Walton, Sir William

Passacaglia, solo cello

Piano Quartet

String Quartet (1947)

Watkins, David

Petite suite

Watkins, Huw


Weber, Carl Maria von

Clarinet Quintet

Grand duo concertant, clt & pno

Invitation to the dance

Weber, Carl Maria von (attrib)

Romance, trombone and piano

Webern, Anton

Five movements for string quartet, Op 5

Four pieces, violin and piano, Op 7

Langsamer satz

Six bagatelles for string quartet, Op 9

String Quartet, Op 28

Three Little Pieces, cello and piano, Op 11

Two Pieces, cello and piano (1899)

Weiss, Sylvius, Leopold

Tombeau sur le mort de M Comte de Logy

Wesley, Samuel Sebastian

Holsworthy church bells

Three Pieces for a Chamber Organ

A Second Set of Three Pieces for a Chamber Organ

Widor, Charles Marie

'Marche Pontificale', from Organ Symphony 1

Organ Symphony 5

Suite, flute and piano

Widmann, Jörg

String Quartet No 3, ‘Jagdquartett’

Wieniawski, Henryk

Fantaise brilliante, on themes from Gounod's Faust

Polonaise brilliant

Variations on an original theme, Op 15

Wills, Simon

Prelude and fugue for Christmas

Wolf, Hugo

Italian serenade

Wood, Hugh

String Quartet 2

Woolrich, John

Favola in musica 1

Oboe Quintet

Stealing steps

The kingdom of dreams

The night will not draw on

Young, William

Sonate à 3, 4, 5...

Ysaÿe, Eugène

Caprice d'après l'Étude en forme de valse (Saint-Saëns, Op 52 no 6)

Sonatas, solo violin, Op 27: 2, 3, 6

Zbinden, Julien-François

Hommage à JS Bach

Zelenski, Wladyslaw

Piano Quartet in C minor, Op 61

Zemlinsky, Alexander von

Humoreske, wind quintet

String Quartet 3

Zenamom, Jaime

Reflexões No 6

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